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Documents required for divorcee to take kids out of the country

At Epperson Law, we understand that divorced parents in North Carolina want to make the most of the time they have with their children. Taking trips is one common way to do this. However, parents should be aware that international travel may necessitate preparing specific documents. To prepare for such requirements, it is a good idea to research the paperwork that you will need to cross U.S. borders with your child.

According to the United States Customs and Border Protection, specific paperwork should be prepared if a single parent tries to travel internationally with minor children. The federal agency notes that officials are on the lookout for international abductions. As such, border officials may request documentation from the absent parent. In this letter, the absent parent must specifically state that the present parent will be taking the shared child across country lines. Absent parents must also note that they have given permission for the trip to occur. The letter should contain the contact information for the absent parent. To eliminate the potential for complications, the document should be notarized, written in English and recent.

Producing this documentation is not a technical requirement of the CBP. However, if such paperwork is not provided, the agency may detain the parent and child. The CBP may do this until it can determine that a child custody abduction is not occurring.

It is also important to note that other countries may legally require certain documentation for single parents traveling with children. Neglecting to research these requirements may result in an entrance refusal from the destination country.

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