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The divorce settlement agreement always prevails.

Divorce does not necessarily mean that two formerly married people will never see each other again. Indeed, two ex-spouses could remain connected to each other through their children or mutually-owned businesses and real estate.

Sometimes ex-spouses suffer through the continued contact while doing what they can to remain cordial. Other times, the contact is strained. In still other circumstances, the ex-spouses become good friends.

However, no matter what the situation is regarding the friendship of the ex-spouses, the divorce settlement contract will prevail, and therefore should always be adhered to. Even if one spouse is being particularly nice, North Carolina residents may want to be strict with their settlement terms -- because it is never possible to know for sure whether the friendship could break down or become strained.

In this regard, the divorce settlement agreement is very much the good friend to divorced people. It serves as a guide that can be referred to and can help ex-spouses ensure that they are honoring the terms they have agreed to at all times. Any time there is an argument between the ex-spouses, one spouse merely needs to reference the terms of the settlement agreement and these terms must always be honored.

Due to the power of the divorce settlement agreement document, and the fact that it could be referred to again and again over the years, North Carolina residents will want to make sure that they get it right before they sign it. An experienced family law attorney will help you work towards a divorce agreement that protects your interests.

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