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What to do when your divorce decree does not order a name change?

Many North Carolina women will want to change their names back to their original maiden names after their divorce. This is often achieved through an order in the divorce decree to change the name back to its original. However, sometimes no name change order is included in the divorce paperwork.

One way to restore an old name is to use documentation from the past that shows the original maiden name, such as a passport or a birth certificate. If this documentation is in the individual's possession, then changing one's name is relatively easy.

Changing one's name back to the original pre-marriage name is usually a lot easier to do compared to changing one's name to an entirely new one. However, being an immigrant, or not having appropriate documentation of the previous name could make things more of a challenge. In extreme cases, recently divorced North Carolina residents may have to resort to going through the same process of changing their names to new ones in order to go back to their original ones, but this is only rarely the case.

Once the name has been changed back to the maiden name, divorced individuals will then need to notify all the parties they do business with in order to ensure that their accounts reflect the new name. This can be a time-consuming process and invariably certain details will be missed. However, most of these details come clear within a year or so following the name change.

North Carolina residents looking to change their names following their divorce proceedings may want to speak with an experienced family law attorney. A family law lawyer will have dealt with the name changing issue many times before and will be able to identify the best strategy to employ given a particular situation.

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