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Divorce advice: 4 things you should never do

There is a lot of bad divorce advice floating around. In addition, even without bad divorce advice, many North Carolina residents can get themselves in serious trouble in their divorces all by themselves. Often, divorce attorneys do not find out their clients have made these mistakes before it's too late, but if you are one of the lucky ones to read this article before your divorce, then make sure to never do the following:

-- Don't get let your emotions get the best of you. Divorces can get so caustic that many people fall into extreme states of anger to the point that they lose all control and want to get revenge, they start to use their children against their ex or they take extreme positions during divorce negotiations. It is so important not to let anger get the best of you during your divorce. In the end, it will save you a lot of time, money and stress.

-- Don't make a major move in your life. It's best not to move to another state, leave the country or make other big plans until after a divorce has been finalized. A big shift like this might not be a good idea because it could interfere with your divorce process.

-- Don't break temporary visitation or custody agreements. Breaking an agreement like this could negatively affect your permanent custody and/or visitation rights.

-- Never try to hide property by giving it to relatives or friends with plans to later have it returned. Hiding property is illegal and it is common for ex-spouses to hold each other accountable in court for such actions that could be construed as "hiding" marital assets.

Divorce isn't easy, but if North Carolina spouses follow the above advice and avoid making these mistakes, it will help them make the process easier. Also, spouses may want to contract the services of a family law attorney to help protect their rights during the divorce process.

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