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Here's how to help your kids survive your divorce

If you think that you're having a rough time getting through your divorce, don't forget about what your children are going through. Your kids will not be feeling the same kind of weight on their shoulders regarding your divorce, but they will be nervous, unsettled and sad to be sure. If you're so lost in your own suffering, however, you could lose sight of the needs and wants of your children.

Here's what you should keep in mind to ensure you're meeting the needs of your kids during the dissolution of your marriage:

  • Your child wants to spend regular and meaningful time with both parents. Your child wants you to call, text and email on a regular basis and needs you to ask questions about his or her life. Stay involved and let your child know that you love him or her.
  • Don't fight with the other parent of your child -- especially not within earshot. This only creates stress and sadness for your child. Do your best to work peacefully with the other parent at all times.
  • Never make your child feel as if he or she needs to take one side or the other in parental disputes.
  • Never communicate with the parent through your child. Communicate directly with the parent so your child doesn't become a diplomatic go-between or the family ambassador. Nobody wants to do that.

For tips to ensure that you navigate your divorce peacefully in a way that ensures your children's needs are met, you may want to turn to an experienced family law counselor. Your family law attorney can offer solutions and ideas to ensure that you navigate your divorce in a manner that is peaceful, stress-free and cost effective.