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Tying Up the Loose Ends of Your Divorce

It never fails. Your divorce is over, and you feel like you’re finally going to get some breathing room, but you still have some unfinished business to handle. Complying with the terms of your divorce decree can feel like a long, drawn out homework assignment, but the sooner you get through it, the sooner you…

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Be a Survivor: Divorce Based on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has become such a significant crisis in the United States that the entire month of October is dedicated to its awareness. For those who are battered, it can seem like an impossible situation to escape. The National Domestic Violence Hotline reports that “More than 1 in 3 women (35.6%) and more than 1…

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Can a child refuse to follow a visitation order?

When establishing child custody and visitation arrangements in North Carolina, the ultimate goal is to account for the best interests of all children involved in order to facilitate healthy relationships between them and each of their parents. Given that family dynamics can vary significantly from case to case, however, there are instances where children are…

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Statistics: Children & Divorce

The prevalence of divorce in the United States has helped researchers gather data on how divorce impacts families. In this post, Epperson Law Group will discuss pertinent statistics concerning how divorce impacts children. We hope you can use this data to help your kids through your divorce process. Children & Divorce Statistics Educational Impact Divorce…

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